ЕГЭ по английскому языку 11 класс 2021. Новый тренировочный вариант №19 — №210524 (задания и ответы)

ЕГЭ по английскому языку 11 класс 2021. Новый тренировочный вариант №19 - №210524 (задания и ответы)ЕГЭ Экзаменационная работа по английскому языку состоит из четырёх разделов («Аудирование», «Чтение», «Грамматика и лексика», «Письмо»), включающих в себя 40 заданий.

Пробный вариант составлен на основе официальной демоверсии от ФИПИ за 2021 год.

В конце варианта приведены правильные ответы ко всем заданиям. Вы можете свериться с ними и найти у себя ошибки.

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Интересные задания

10. 1. The business part of the city by the River Thames
2. For those who are terrified of dragons
3. Worth seeing
4. Symbols
5. William who Conquered
6. In Flames
7. Governance
8. Who Started It?
A. ‘The wealthiest Square Earth’ is in fact a sovereign state within the city named London. It is ruled by the Lord Mayor of London, who is not the same person as the Mayor of great er London. The City of London has its own flag, as well as a crest. It collects its own taxes. There is a separate police force and separate laws are enforced. The Square Mile is administered by the City of London Corporation. It has its own town hall called the Guildhall. B. How did it happen that the UK ended up with two Londons? It’s all because of the Romans. After their invasion in 43AD, they established the first significant permanent settlement on the River Thames, and called it Londinium. To be able to net across the Thames, the Romans built a forerunner, of today’s London Bridge. The settlement quickly became an important trading centre guest and grew in splendour. For a long time, the size and shape of London were determined by a defensive wall erected,around it. C. After the Romans withdrew from London, the City was in decline, and under constant attack. The next significant period started in 1066, when William the Conqueror marched on London. Although his first attempt to march across London Bridge was a failure, he finally forced the Londoners to submit. In the end, in 1075, William granted The City of London a charter in which he recognized some rights and privileges of Londoners in return for recognizing him as their king. Since that time, the City of London has been treated as a special, unique place, governed by its own rules. D. A reckless maid in the king’s bakery forgot to put out the ovens for the night. As a consequence, the baker’s shop near London Bridge was the place where all hell broke loose. After a long, hot summer, the fire spread extremely rapidly. Attempts to pull down buildings to create firebreaks turned out to be ineffective, due to dry and dusty gusts of wind. The fire took hold rapidly.E. Other historic places worth visiting within the boundaries of the City include: the Museum of London, the Bank of England or the Royal Exchange. On the other hand, for those who are interested in the future, rather than the past, The Square Mile offers selection of state-of-the-art skyscrapers such as the Natwest Tower or the Gherkin, as well as the 72-storey Shard and Lloyd’s of London — the British Insurance market, which sadly is not open to the public. F. The City has its Latin motto: ‘Domine dinge nos’ -‘Lord guide us’ as well as its famous ‘guardian’ dragons. First of all, the coat of arms has two dragons supporting the crest. Furthermore, there are ten statues of dragons marking the boundaries of the city, for example The Aldresgate Dragon, The Aldgate Dragon and the Bishopsgate Dragon. G. The City, colloquially described as the Square Mile owing to its size, is home to a mere handful of residents, about 8,000 or so, but is the workplace of a further 300,000 commuters. Worldwide, it is known as the business hub of London. However, on looking closer it turns out to be a place with a unique political status, within whose boundarieshistory mixes with modernity.

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