Задание №3 устной части ЕГЭ по английскому языку

Задание №3 устной части ЕГЭ по английскому языкуЗадание №3 устной части ЕГЭ по английскому языку 11 класс. Универсальный шаблон для 3 задания.

Устная часть. Задание 3. (7 баллов)
I’ve chosen photo number 1/2/3.
Вступление: As you know, I like taking pictures and I really want to tell you about this picture…

Пункт 1: which I took
ГДЕ — at my local cinema, on a playground, at my fitness centre, in a park, on the beach, in the woods, in a picnic area, at my school, in the mountains, in a camping site, in a summer camp, at the stadium, in my flat, in my cousin’s flat
КОГДА — last winter/summer, a couple of weeks ago.

Пункт 2: In this picture you can see
КТО — my uncle, his wife and their daughter / my friends/ my Dad and my brother.
ЧТО — In the background / In the foreground / on the left / on the right / to the left of (this building) / to the right of (this building) you can see…/ there is a…

Пункт 3: 2-3 фразы
Pr. Cont: They are / he is swimming, climbing the mountain, sitting on the sofa, smiling.
Если подходит, можно использовать:
Pr. Perf: They’ve just / he’s just opened the present / landed on the ground / opened his parachute.
To be going to: He is going to score a goal, make a jump.
You can see that they look happy/ sad/ excited.

Пункт 4. I keep this photo in my album because it reminds me of how interesting it was to go to that museum/ how exciting it was to go skating for the first time. (сделать привязку к картинке)
And I think this photo turned out really well.

Пункт 5. I decided to show you this photo because you’ve always wanted to/ you really want to make a parachute jump/ go skydiving/ climb a mountain/ meet my uncle and his family/ see my new car.
And I knew it would be interesting for you to see it.

Заключение: I hope you like this photo / That’s all I wanted to tell you.

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